Low Carbon Concrete


Pronto Concrete is pleased to offer our Pronto Concrete E-MIX range of reduced Carbon and Carbon Neutral concrete mixes*. We achieve environmental targets by reducing our GP cement content in mix designs by substitution with supplementary cementitious products, typically Fly Ash and GGBFS, (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace) Slag. High performance Low Carbon E-Mix concrete products utilise Barro Group’s Slag activating technology that uses accurate liquid activator dosing added directly through the concrete batching process; (Barro Group patent pending with a provisional patent called “Concrete Compositions” – Application Number 2023901922). This enables Pronto concrete production plants to easily produce large volumes of accurately batch high performance E-MIX Low Carbon Concrete on a daily basis.


Cement manufacture is a large portion of carbon emissions associated with concrete production, therefore any reduction in GP cement consumed in every cubic metre of concrete means we can work towards decarbonising the built environment.


*Carbon Neutral concrete is achieved through a combination of production / mix design technology and carbon credits known as offsets*

Why Pronto E-MIX?


  • Maintain product quality and strength whilst reducing embodied carbon by over 40% without the use of offsets and 100% carbon neutral concrete with the use of offsets
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your build with ease
  • Achieve early age strength and other performance characteristics
  • Achieve specified GP Cement and/or (e-CO2kg/m3) carbon emission reductions to obtain green building certification
  • Large range of Low Carbon PRONTO E-MIX products to suit a variety of concrete applications
  • Anacon Laboratory Services technical support to create tailor made bespoke Low Carbon PRONTO E-MIX designs to meet the challenges of demanding concrete specifications and engineering applications


Pronto Concrete’s EPD

Barro Group – Pre-mix Concrete | EPD Australasia (

What is an EPD?


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) lists the total emissions created by producing a certain product. A certified published document is produced declaring a products’ Environmental impacts.


Our industry is essentially concerned with the Total Carbon Dioxide Emissions for producing one cubic metre of concrete; e-CO2kg/m3.


Global Warming Potential Total: GWPT, is the number quoted in most EPD’s that our customers require. Every grade of concrete will have a different GWPT number due to the change in Cement Levels and Aggregates, however, the cement level will always dominate the size of the value for each concrete product.

GBCA RPP or Green Building Council of Australia’s Responsible Products Program


Based on the latest GBCA Ratings Program (Green Star Buildings v1 – Revision C; Released 18/10/2023) and their Responsible Products Score-Checker, Pronto Concrete has recognised initiatives to attract a Responsible Product Value (RPV) of 10.